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Looking for expert suspension repair or replacement services in Commerce, CA? Throgmorton LLC is your trusted partner for air suspension repair, car suspension repair, and more. With our expertise, we enhance ride quality and ensure optimal performance for your vehicle

Why Choose Us? 

Expert Suspension Repair and Replacement Services

Throgmorton LLC specializes in providing expert suspension repair and replacement services for vehicles of all makes and models. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your air suspension or need repairs for your car’s suspension system, our skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Comprehensive Suspension Solutions

From diagnosing suspension issues to performing repairs or replacements, Throgmorton LLC offers comprehensive suspension solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re dealing with worn-out components, damaged shocks or struts, or issues with your air suspension system, we have the expertise to address them effectively.

Quality Parts and Workmanship

At Throgmorton LLC, we use only the highest quality parts and materials for suspension repair and replacement. Our commitment to quality ensures that your vehicle receives the best possible care, resulting in improved ride quality and performance.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to perform suspension repairs and replacements with precision and efficiency. From computerized diagnostics to advanced alignment systems, we have everything needed to ensure your vehicle’s suspension is in top condition.

Convenient Location

Located in Commerce, CA, we are conveniently situated to serve customers throughout the area. If you’re in need of “suspension repair near me,” Throgmorton LLC is your local source for reliable and efficient suspension services.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Throgmorton LLC, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers, from initial consultation to final inspection. Your satisfaction is our success, and we go above and beyond to ensure you’re fully satisfied with our suspension repair and replacement services.

Trust Throgmorton LLC to enhance ride quality with our suspension repair and replacement expertise.


What are common signs of suspension problems?

A: Common signs of suspension problems include uneven tire wear, bouncing or swaying while driving, excessive noise over bumps, and a rough or uncomfortable ride.

Can you repair air suspension systems?

A: Yes, we specialize in air suspension repair for vehicles equipped with air suspension systems. Our technicians have the expertise to diagnose and address issues with air suspension components effectively.

How often should I have my suspension inspected?

A: It’s recommended to have your suspension inspected at least once a year or if you notice any signs of suspension problems. Regular inspections can help detect issues early and prevent costly repairs down the line.

Do you offer suspension upgrades?

A: Yes, we offer suspension upgrades for customers looking to improve their vehicle’s performance, handling, or ride quality. Our technicians can recommend and install aftermarket suspension components tailored to your needs.

How long does it take to complete suspension repair or replacement?

The duration of suspension repair or replacement depends on various factors, such as the extent of the damage and the complexity of the job. We work efficiently to complete the job in a timely manner without compromising quality.